Impact & Evaluation of Innovation Policy

Joint research centres, open innovation systems, university-based incubators and accelerators, incorporation of SSH in innovation policy,… Over the last 20 years, R&D&I policy has evolved rapidly and innovation ecosystems have grown in complexity.

What is the impact of R&D&I (funding) programmes on the economy or society? How do innovation actors contribute to the policy objectives? How can the effectiveness and impact of broader innovation ecosystems be optimised in the future?

IDEA Consult has carried out numerous impact assessments and evaluations of R&D&I policy interventions and innovation actors in Belgium and Europe. We support policy makers and innovation actors to learn from past performances (through evaluation and impact assessment) and to optimize the impact of their interventions in the future. To this end we make use of solid evaluation frameworks and impact measurement tools, which we continuously update and refined to incorporate the latest developments in the field.

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foto Miriam Van Hoed
Miriam Van Hoed
Senior Expert Innovation & Competitiveness
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Kristof Mertens
Senior Expert Innovation & Competitiveness

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