Evaluation Erasmus+ Flanders: impact and recommendations for the future

Evaluation Erasmus+ Flanders: impact and recommendations for the future

Find out how the Erasmus+ programme contributes to the internationalisation of Flemish education and what improvements are needed for even greater impact. Read our recent evaluation and recommendations for the future.

As in 2016, IDEA Consult also carried out the evaluation of the Erasmus+ programme in Flanders last year. The study, commissioned by the Department of Education and Training, covered both the 2014-2020 and 2021-2027 programmes. Various methods were used: document analysis, analysis of existing data, surveys and focus groups.

In general, Erasmus+ participants appear very satisfied with the programme. Epos and other organisations organise various actions to promote participation in Erasmus+ and increase its impact. The allocated budget per project has increased significantly since the start of the programme and the simplification measures of accreditation and 'lump sum' budgeting introduced have led to a reduction in the administrative burden. Overall, the objectives of Erasmus+ appear relevant to the needs and challenges in Flanders. There are concerns, however, that the addition of horizontal priorities creates a a lot of objectives.

Certain types of organisations are harder to reach: primary schools, adult education institutions, special education providers, organisations in the profit sector and dual learning organisations,... Among individual participants, disadvantaged target groups, parents of young children (both staff and adult learners) and non-native speakers appear difficult to reach. In general, the different actions within the programme are coherent and there are also links between Erasmus+ and other (inter)national funding programmes. The study uncovers a 'stepping stone mechanism' whereby involvement in more accessible actions facilitates participation in internationalisation activities.

The full report is published on Onderwijsonderzoeken (vlaanderen.be)


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