IDEA supports Flemish local authorities in developing their bustling town centre

IDEA supports Flemish local authorities in developing their bustling town centre

Flemish cities and municipalities make all sorts of efforts to stimulate (economic) activity in their town centres, to encourage entrepreneurship and to create a mix of thriving retail, markets, catering, services, fairs, culture and other activities.

But such a bustling town centre is not developed overnight. It requires not only the intensive cooperation of various city internal departments, but also specific knowledge about legislation, support measures, possible instruments, etc.

Impact and competence building

In order to support Flemish municipalities in their efforts, IDEA, CityD-Wes, OMGEVING, MINT, Blue Ocean Company and Tweeperenboom - all brought together in the consortium 'De Kernmeesters' - are organising 12 collective courses in the period 2023-2024 at the request of VLAIO. Cities and municipalities can call on the expertise of 'De Kernmeesters', in groups of up to 10 participants, and receive guidance in implementing concrete actions. Grouping different cities and municipalities by theme, allows for mutual exchange of experience. This way, we work on impact and competence building at the same time.

12 courses

Each theme is built up in four half-day working sessions (physical or digital). In between, the boards make the application in their own municipality and are encouraged to get to work immediately with colleagues from the departments involved.

The first series of 6 courses have started in june, notably:

  1. Translating the DNA of the centre into marketing and products
  2. Core design and guidance (wayfinding)
  3. Livable centres along stone roads
  4. Tackling vacant buildings (global approach and mix of instruments)
  5. Tackling vacant buildings (with a focus on property policy)
  6. Interweaving economic activities in the core

Six new courses will run in 2024. These will be announced on the VLAIO website. So be sure to keep an eye on these!

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Bart Van Herck
Senior Expert Regional & Urban Development / Managing Director
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Alban Pols
Consultant Regional and Urban Development