Financing & Subsidies

Ambitious plans for projects must also be financed. The IDEA team has experience not only with financial support instruments such as subsidies, guarantees and loans, but also with forms of supplementary and alternative financing such as crowd funding, fiscal measures, etc.

We have a team of experienced subsidy advisors, each of whom achieves a high success rate when submitting projects. Together with publisher Vanden Broele, the team is the architect of They cover the entire spectrum: European subsidies, federal subsidies, Flemish subsidies, provincial subsidies and private subsidy channels.

Our service with regard to subsidies takes various forms.


We accompany interactive workshops in the organisation to familiarise staff within organisations and authorities with the various subsidy opportunities. These can focus on a better monitoring and managing of subsidies in general, but they can also be aimed at specific calls or programmes.


Many organisations and authorities are currently missing out on excellent subsidy opportunities. Our subsidy team makes an inventory of all the possible subsidies tailored to a specific project or investment project or to the multi-year plan in general.


Our subsidy team helps organisations to develop a high-quality subsidy policy, both for subsidy providers and for recipients:

  • Important questions for subsidy providers are: do we achieve the intended effects (effectiveness) with the subsidies and do we get the most out of them (efficiency)? Subsidies often stack up over time without being evaluated. IDEA helps to keep your subsidy instruments fit for purpose;
  • In turn, organisation providers do not want to miss out on opportunities. For them, it is a matter of developing high-quality proposals, organising the project management well and maintaining an overview of all subsidies. IDEA helps to structure the organisation-wide cooperation that is needed for this.


IDEA helps you to prepare strong project proposals and to develop the budget. Our interventions can take various forms, from a full handling of the application, via a highly interactive cooperation (work sessions with employees), to a revision of a draft proposal prepared by management. Using our international network, we can also easily find foreign partners for you.


Do you want your own subsidy specialist in-house? We can second one of our consultants for one or more days per week or we can coach and train one or more of your staff as subsidy specialists.


We take on the management of your subsidy project. We ensure that the content-related objectives are achieved, we coordinate the cooperation between partners and we take care of the substantive and financial reporting. In short: we maintain the verve and the pleasure in the cooperation and ensure that the results are achieved. No more worries about missing deadlines or money.



Visit to discover our online tool for finding (search module) and following up (file management) subsidies for authorities and organisations. A joint initiative of publishing house Vanden Broele and the IDEA subsidy team. Request a free demo in your organisation via the website.